How to send bulk emails to candidates
Engage with multiple candidates at once
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There will be times when you will need to send emails to a number of candidates all at once.

We made sure that you can easily achieve that with our bulk emailing feature. This feature lets you send emails to all candidates at once, separately. This feature may be useful for a crucial update concerning candidates at a specific stage or an announcement to let all candidates know the position is no longer available.

Prerequisite: You will need to link your email account before sending any emails.

Step 1: Select Multiple Candidates on a Job Listing or a Talent Pool

The first step is to go to any job listing or talent pool dashboard. You'll see a list of candidates you may want to contact at once.

Once on the dashboard, arrange your filters as you need, and select the candidates to that you want to send emails.

After selecting the candidates, the next step is clicking the Email button. This will open the email composer. Don't forget that even though you selected multiple candidates,


Step 2: Insert tags for personalization

This is a bulk email operation, and personalization could be useful if you want increased engagement with your email. You can personalize the email so every recipient would get the First Name, Position Name, and Company Name attached to the email. We plan to increase the personalization options further in our future updates.

You can insert the tags by just clicking on any of these options, and each email will automatically replace the tag with the recipient's details.

Step 3: Track performance on the Email Campaigns Page

Congrats! You have sent your bulk emails. You can also track its performance from the email campaigns page.

This page gives you the list of all bulk emails you sent, along with their details. You can track how many emails are sent, the percentage of the emails opened, the status of the email, and the last update. We currently do not track the click numbers since adding a tracker may increase the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.

We also give you a more granular detail that lets you see who interacted with your emails. After you click on any campaign name, you will see how many times an email is opened and if there's a reply to your emails.

At the moment, we are unable to track the replies on Google accounts so the data will not available until we complete our reply tracking integration.

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