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Flatwork ATS is built for simplicity and speed. The candidate detail screen is one of the core elements of Flatwork ATS. It allows you to quickly see all the critical details of any candidate, take action and move on to the next candidate.

Before we explore the candidate detail page, we need to start from a job listing page. On every job listing page, you will see the details of the job, the search, candidate filters and the candidate table.

The candidate table offers an overview of all the candidates who applied and their stages. You need to click on the candidate's name to evaluate a candidate. This action will open a sidebar with the candidate's details. There, you will see the main section on the left and the sidebar with the candidate details.

Applicant Information

The details from the candidates' job application form are added here. On the other hand, the core details about the person are added to the right sidebar underneath the Application Details.

In this section, you can also download the resume and cover letter.


This section is built for easy reviewing of the candidate's resume. It offers a live preview of the PDF uploaded by the candidate. Currently, we only support PDF resumes to support our powerful search and live resume preview. You can also download the PDF from the attachments section.

Candidate Quick Actions

At the top, you can see a navigation section with a number of actions. This is designed to take action quickly on the candidate and then move on to the next one.

You can see the active stage, which you can change as you click on it, or you can simply click the Advance to Next Stage button.

If you have decided not to move forward with the candidate, you can click Reject. This will change the stage to Rejected and ask you to add a reason for rejection. This is collected for reporting.

If you are done with a candidate, you can use the arrow buttons on the right side to view the previous or the next candidate.


In the email section, you can see all the correspondence with the candidates. From here, you can send an email to the candidate if you have linked your email account on Flatwork ATS.

We currently don't support the reply functionality on Gmail, but you can see all the emails sent to the candidate.


In the evaluation section, you and your colleagues can evaluate the candidate. The overall evaluation score is calculated by taking the average of all evaluation scores. The scores that can be given to a candidate are as follows:

  • 1 - Strong No

  • 2 - No

  • 3 - Maybe

  • 4 - Good Hire

  • 5 - Strong Hire

The scores are converted to percentages starting from 0% to 100%. The evaluation score is then added to the metadata of the candidate at the top section. There is also a comment section that accompanies the rating to explain the evaluator's rationale for the given score. The evaluator can change her review and rating.


You can add comments that only you and your team can see from the comments section. This section can be used for any type of commentary that you want to log on to the candidate.

This is particularly useful if you want to make sure no discussion or feedback is missed that would be hard to find on your emails, Slack channels or other messaging platforms since it's going to be hard to track them down.

You can add as many comments as you like and tag your team members to get their opinion.


All your and your team members' activities on this candidate are stored under the activity section.

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