How to add departments and teams
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Departments and teams can be attached to your job listings to categorize your company's job listings. Each team is linked to a department and can be thought of as a subcategory of the department. These can also be seen by the potential applicants on your career page.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Departments & Teams

Visit the Departments & Teams page on Settings. You will only see General/General added as the default option. You can add your own departments and teams.

Step 2: Click Add Department & Add Team

All you have to do is to click Add Department on the top right corner and fill out the field.

To add a team to a department, you need to click add team button next to the department you're interested in expanding. An empty field for the new team will show up under the department. You can fill it out and press Enter. The team will be automatically saved.

Step 3: Change Departments and Teams

To change a department or a team, you need to click the name of the department or the team you want to change. An input field will show up where you can change the name. The changes you make will be reflected across the job listings and the career page.

Adding departments and teams on Flatwork ATS

Deleting a Department or a Team

You can click the X icon next to the department or a team. In order to delete a department, you need to delete all its teams first. You will be warned as you cannot take this action back. Make sure there are no job listings associated with this team and department.

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