How to change your billing plan
Learn how to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account.
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Changing your billing plan is easy on Flatwork. We'll break down the article into 3 pieces.

How to upgrade your free plan

The free plan is great for discovering Flatwork ATS but is limited if you want to expand your hiring operations.

Fortunately, with a few clicks, you can upgrade your plan to a startup plan.

On this page, you can see your active plan. On a free plan, you shouldn't see any payments made.

Flatwork ATS billing page

In order to upgrade your plan, you need to click the Upgrade Plan button. This button will take you to the package selection.

Select a package and complete the purchase

On this page, you'll see package options. Once you select the package, click the button underneath. For the paid packages, you'll be taken to a page hosted by Stripe.

Promotion code and purchase

You can verify your package details on this page and complete your purchase. You can enter the details on the left sidebar in the promotion code section if you have a promotion code.

You'll be charged either on a monthly or an annual basis based on your package selection.

How to get the enterprise plan

Our enterprise plan has custom features built specifically for large organizations. We have a tailored pricing model for our enterprise customers. Please contact us to upgrade to the enterprise plan.

How to cancel your account

We're sorry if you have to read this section, but we'll help you cancel your account. On the subscription and billing page, you will find the Manage Billing button in the top right corner of the screen. Once you click this, you will be able to cancel your plan.

Once you downgrade your account, the following changes will take place:

  • You'll be able to create only one job listing, and the rest of your jobs will be closed.

  • Only the user with the owner permissions will be able to access your Flatwork account. The accounts of your team members will be terminated.

  • You will lose access to the LinkedIn credits on the Flatwork browser extension.

If you need to delete your account along with all the data on your account, please contact us. We'll cancel your account and permanently delete your data.

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