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How to use the Chrome Extension to source candidates on LinkedIn
How to use the Chrome Extension to source candidates on LinkedIn
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How to Add Leads via Browser Extension

In case you didn't know, we have a beautiful browser extension that works on Chromium-based browsers. That's a fancy way of saying it works on Chrome, Brave, Arc Internet, and probably a few other browsers. You can add it to your browser here.

After adding the extension and making sure you're signed on to your Flatwork ATS account, visit the LinkedIn profile of the candidate you want to add to your talent pool.

Our system will check against our database to see if we can find email addresses and phone numbers associated with this person. If we do, these options will be presented to you. If no data is found, you will need to add them manually. After that, all you have to do is to select the talent pool you need to insert this person into.

Visit a LinkedIn Profile Error

At this time, the extension only works if you are on a LinkedIn profile. If you try to get the poor extension working elsewhere, it'll get upset and show you this warning. You can solve this problem by clicking the extension only when you are on a profile page.

Credit Expired. What's next?

Every paid plan comes with 250 credits. If you exceed those credits, you will need to add candidates manually, and our sourcer won't pull any email addresses until the next month. The limit applies individually to each paying member and is refreshed monthly.

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