How to invite team members
Bring your team members and collaborate in your hiring process
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It's no fun to do things alone. Can you imagine running dozens of job listings and talent pools all by yourself? Not fun.

This article will teach you how to invite team members to your organization.

Important Note: You can invite team members only in paid plans. Each paid plan has a per-seat pricing plan. So you'll be paying for every member you invite. You'll be charged once you invite your team members.

This is where everything happens. You can see the list of team members and invite new ones. You can even invite multiple team members by clicking the add email button below.

Step 2: Accept the invitation and Create an account

Your team members will get an email from Flatwork to create an account. Their email address will be prefilled, and they will be asked to fill out their full name and password. They won't have to go through the usual onboarding process and will get right to business.

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