How to create a talent pool
Get started with creating talent pools on Flatwork ATS to jumpstart your recruiting operations.
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Talent pools are one of the core elements of recruitment. It's basic, functional, and easy to create. All you have to do is to give them a name, and it'll be created.

Let's start with creating a talent pool, adding leads to it, and managing it.

Create a Talent Pool

Creating a talent pool is simple. You need to visit the all talent pools page. You'll see a Create Talent Pool button. You can't really miss it, it's up there in the top right corner.

Did you click that? Great! You should see a field to name your talent pool. Only you and your teammates will get to see it, so be creative. But don't get too creative so you'll know why you created this talent pool.

I recommend you create a talent pool for each role you're recruiting for. That way you can keep everything organized

Add Leads to a Talent Pool

That's great. You have a brand new talent pool. But what's that? It's empty. Of course, it's empty, we just created it. We need to fill it up with prospective employees. At this point, you might be wondering, how do I do that? Well, we got four different ways to add candidates. How to find them is another topic that we will cover on our blog. Here we'll just show you how to add the ones you already found to your talent pool.

Via our Browser Extension

In case you didn't know, we have a beautiful browser extension that works on Chromium-based browsers. That's a fancy way of saying it works on Chrome, Brave, Arc Internet, and probably a few other browsers. You can add it to your browser here.

After adding the extension and making sure you're signed on to your Flatwork ATS account, visit the LinkedIn profile of the candidate you want to add to your talent pool.

Our system will check against our database to see if we can find email addresses and phone numbers associated with this person. If we do, these options will be presented to you. If no data is found, you will need to add them manually. After that, all you have to do is to select the talent pool you need to insert this person into.

Via the Resume Parser

The resume parser is another way to import leads. It lets to import 10 leads at once so that's great if you're in a hurry.

To get to this page, go to a talent pool and click Add Leads button in the top right corner. Again, it's hard to miss; a big blue button.

You can then drag and drop your resumes for the leads. You can click import all, and the candidates, along with their names and email addresses, will be parsed and added to the talent pool.

The best part is all the information in the resume will be available for you to search on the talent pool search section in case you're looking for a specific skill or company within a list of people.

Via the LinkedIn Sourcer

The LinkedIn Sourcer is similar to what you do on the browser extension but within the talent pool page.

Here you need to add the link to the profile and click Sync Details. It will pull up all the necessary information if it exists. If not, you'll need to enter manually.

Via Manual Entry

The last way is the boring way to go, but it's reliable. You just need to add the full name and email address for the candidate to add them. If you feel adventurous, you can also add a phone number, and voilà!

Viewing the lead details

You may remember this screen if you are caught up on all the help articles. Yes, it's the candidate detail page from our job listing series.

This page has all you need, the application details, other job listings, and pools this lead has been added to or applied to. The stage of the candidate is also there.

IMPORTANT: Talent pool stages are fixed and cannot be changed.

If you have made a mistake regarding the person's details, all you need to do is to click the field you want to change and insert the new value.

On the lead detail page, you can add comments, view the activity with this lead, or send emails and see what emails have been sent. It's pretty nifty.

Deleting a Lead

We'd hate to see you ever needing to delete a candidate. It's best to just put them in a rejected box. But if you need to do it, it's easy. Just select the candidate from the talent pool list and click delete. It's done. The person has been removed from the talent pool for good.

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