How to edit your company page
Make your career page shine
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We all want the same thing in life. A cool career page you can send to your friends and feel proud. With Flatwork ATS, you may not go as far, but you will get a modern-looking and lightning-fast career page with public job listings.

We'll learn to customize your career page in this article.

This is where you make all the changes. You can change

  • Company Name (Visible on the career page)

  • Company Tagline (Shown under the company name)

  • Company Website (Links to your website on the career page top navigation)

  • Unique Job Site URL (URL for your career page)

  • Company Country and City

  • Company Logo (Must be 1:1 Square)

  • Company Banner

  • Twitter Page

  • Facebook Page

  • LinkedIn Page

  • Instagram Page

  • GitHub Page

Step 2: Visit your career page

To visit your career page, click your profile avatar on the top right corner and click career site. This will open your public career site.

This page lists all your jobs and allows your prospects to filter and find the jobs they are looking for. They can click any job and apply.

An individual job listing is as shown. You can change the information shown here from the job listing edit screen.

Public job listing screen on Flatwork ATS

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