How to edit job pipeline stages
Customize the stages of your pipeline to suit your hiring needs and HR process
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The job pipeline is used to define at which hiring stage each candidate is. This allows you to quickly see where the candidates are in your hiring process.

Some of the core stages come by default and cannot be changed as they're used for analytics and reporting. These core stages are Not Reviewed, Hired and Rejected.

You can add your own stages, change their order or remove them as it suits your organization.

The job pipeline you create will be applied to all job listings you will create. We are working on offering multiple job pipelines, but at the moment, all job listings use the same pipeline.

To change the job pipeline stages:

  1. Visit Settings > Job Stages

  2. Click Add Stage to insert your own stages

  3. Click on any stage name if you want to change them

  4. You can move each stage up or down to change their order

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