How to create a nurture campaign
Increase your open and reply rates with rule-based email campaigns
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What is a Nurture Campaign?

The nurture campaign is a rule-based email campaign where emails are sent to each candidate based on their reactions. This is a powerful tool in a recruiter's arsenal, and it's been shown to drastically increase the overall open and reply rates.

You can easily set up nurture campaigns on Flatwork ATS and get more engagement from the talents you are recruiting.

Prerequisites to setting up a nurture campaign

You have to have linked your email account to Flatwork ATS. We currently support Google accounts and will support Outlook/Exchange and Custom Mailboxes soon.

This page is under the Emails & Nurture tab. You can find the Nurture campaigns on the left sidebar.

If you haven't created any nurture campaigns, you'll find this page slightly empty and boring. Don't worry, we will make it exciting together.

First things first, click Start Nurture Campaign in the top right corner. This will open the nurture campaign creation screen.

Step 2: Create a Nurture Campaign

You can create as many nurture campaigns as you need based on your recruiting process. We recommend that you create a nurture campaign for each talent pool you create so they'll be customized for the role you are recruiting for.

Before we begin creating a nurture campaign, let's understand how a nurture campaign works.

Every nurture campaign starts with the first email. This email can be scheduled to send at a specific time or as soon as the talent is added to the nurture campaign.

After the first email is sent, the system checks if the recipient has opened the email or replied to it after a specific amount of days and hours have passed. We can define this number. A good one would be a few days since we'd like the recipient some breathing room. Otherwise, the recipient may mark multiple frequent emails as spam. We also send an unsubscribe link with each email to reduce this likelihood.

How a basic nurture campaign works on Flatwork ATS

What are the Steps?

Step 1 is the first email you send to the recipient; without it, the campaign won't run. At this step, you can define whether you want to send an email to the candidate as soon as they are added to the nurture campaign or at a future date and time. The date and time you set are based on your own time zone, not the recipients'.

Creating a nurture campaign on Flatwork ATS

You can add a new step from Add New Step button below. Each step has a simple logic behind it that you can easily define.

Begin this step if section tells the system what to look for to continue. You can select either

  • Recipient didn't open (the email)

  • Recipient didn't reply (to the email)

The system only checks after the days you set below have passed. You can also define at what time you want to send the email. This is defined in your time zone.

Another change you can make is sending this email as a reply to your previous email or as a new one. We recommend you send the next email as a reply.

For example, if you set the sending rule to send a reply to my first email to anyone who hasn't opened my email 2 days after receiving the first one, anyone who hasn't opened it will receive another email from you.

You can expand on that logic further by adding more steps. Every step's logic checks the condition of the step before that.

Once you're done with the settings, you can publish the campaign.

Step 3: Add talents to a nurture campaign

You created a nurture campaign but must be wondering how to add the people to that you want to send emails. The beauty of this system is you can add people at different times, and the campaign would be initiated for each person separately.

There are two ways to add people to a nurture campaign:

Option 1: Add people from a talent pool

It's simple. Select the people you want to add to the nurture campaign and click Nurture.

A modal will show up, asking you to pick a nurture campaign. It's possible to add people to multiple nurture campaigns, but we won't recommend it. This will spam your potential recruits and they won't be happy about it.

Option 2: Add people from a job listing dashboard

It's simple. Select the people you want to add to the nurture campaign and click Nurture.

Step 4: Check the stats for your nurture campaign

Let's go back to all nurture campaigns page and select the nurture campaign we created.

You'll see a detailed view of each recipient's

  • open count

  • reply count

  • current step

  • status

Editing a nurture campaign

You can edit a nurture campaign if you need to make changes. Your changes won't be reflected to the people who are already added to the nurture campaign. The changes will only be applied to the people who are going to be added after you make the changes to the campaign

Remove people from a nurture campaign

If you no longer want to send emails as part of the nurture campaign to a candidate, you can simply remove them from the campaign. However, this would also remove the data for this nurture campaign on this person.

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